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Experience Victoria by Private Train

Experience the romance of rail travel reliving the elegance of a bygone era. Relax in restored sleeping and lounge carriages as we travel from Melbourne to some of Victoria’s most spectacular destinations.


"Best trip I've been on in years. My expectations were exceeded the second I was greeted on the platform at the Seven-0-Seven check-in"

Upcoming Itineraries

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"What an amazingly organised trip to an often unvisited but exciting part of Victoria. I loved the opportunity to see the Silo Art trail without the five-hour drive, multiple pack-ups, and other travel pain"

Our Tours


The Grainlander

Tour the Mallee Silo Art Trail in Style. See awe-inspiring silo art, the natural wonders of this spectacular region, attend its best events and more.


The Vinelander

Explore the best of Mildura Outback Victoria and the Sunraysia onboard the Vinelaner.


The Riverlander

Experience the best of the Murray and Goldfields from viewing spectacular silo art to touring the farm gates of Victoria's food bowl and more.


The Winelander

Enjoy a weekend of food, wine and railways visiting the best wineries, acclaimed restaurants. some of Victoria's 

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Single Day Slow Rail Journeys

Short on time but still want to enjoy the best of Regional Victoria and the trademark Slow Rail Journeys service - a single day Slow Rail Journey could be a perfect choice!

Slow Rail Journeys - Supporting Regional Victoria

Slow Rail Journeys has a deliberate policy of supporting and giving back to regional communities, wherever it goes, which is why you will be dining at great local pubs on this journey, not eating pre-packaged meals carried from Melbourne, and why you will be attending local community-run events such as movie nights, agricultural shows and food and wine festivals, using local coach company's to tour and much more. On a Slow Rail Journey you will experience Regional Victoria at its best. 


"A trip to remember. Fully organised, reasonably priced and friendly. Food and company was amazing - a great weekend"

Onboard our Sleeper Train

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Sleeping Cabins

Relax in your private onboard oasis aboard a restored Southern Aurora or Overland sleeping carriage as we tour to the most interesting destinations in Victoria.

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Lounge and Club Cars

The social heart of the train is the perfect place to enjoy a drink from the bar, socialise with your fellow travellers or simply relax with a book and watch the scenery go by.


Dining Car

Dining aboard a train in a comfortable dining car is one of the great travel experiences. Enjoy locally sourced meals in the dining car as Victoria passes by the windows.


"Excellent trip - well organised and provided all that was promised. The food onboard the train was great and the hospitality from Quambatook was fantastic. The evening meal was excellent and efficiently served to quite a large group. Historic trains are popular and it was great to…"

Off-Train Experiences


Gastronomic Experiences

All Slow Rail Journeys feature a bespoke series of gastronomic experiences that highlight the best food in the regions we visit.


Off-Train Touring Experiences

All Slow Rail Journeys feature a number of fully hosted bespoke off-train experiences designed to ensure you fully experience our destination.


"Fantastic trip as all ways with the Seven-o-Seven Operations volunteers. We were well looked after, nothing was too much trouble for the team"

About Seven-O-Seven Operations, Inc

Seven-0-Seven Operations is an independent, volunteer-staffed, not-for-profit heritage rail operator based at Melbourne's historic Newport Rail Yards. The flagship asset of Seven-0-Seven Operations is the steam locomotive R707, "the City of Melbourne", which has been in its custodianship since 1980.
Today, 707 Operations offers Day Tours and multi-day Slow Rail Journeys (featuring sleeping carriages and other facilities) to destinations across Regional Victoria. All trains utilise Seven-0-Seven Operations' volunteer restored and maintained fleet of heritage locomotives and carriages. 


"For a volunteer organisation, this was a very professionally run tour. Everything worked like clockwork"

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