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Mobility Guidelines

While Slow Rail Journeys is experienced in working with guests to overcome mobility challenges, heritage train travel and our off-train experience program unfortunately isn't for everyone.


"What a wonderful way to travel through the country. An excellent crew onboard. Well organized and definitely a fun trip"

Our tours require a certain level of fitness and some level of mobility.


While we have a number of walker reliant guests who are able to fully enjoy the experience, you will, at a minimum need to be able to walk unassisted through the train carriages (see above for images), step on and off busses and board and alight the train using a set of stairs not dissimilar to those used on regional flights when disembarking in locations without platforms.


If booking a Premium Twin, Standard Twin or Twin Share Heritage cabin, one member of your party will need to be able to climb a ladder up to and down from the top bunk.

Our adjacent Premium Single Cabins are designed specially for those who are unable or concerned about accessing the upper bunks onboard.

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