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Gastronomic Experiences

Each Slow Rail Journey includes a curated bespoke culinary adventure that explores the best produce, suppliers and tastes from the regions the train visits. 

From iconic country pubs to meals served on-train from region leading establishments each Slow Rail Journey features a curated culinary experience that highlights the best of the regions we visit. From visits to iconic country pubs to region leading catering delivered to the train dining aboard a Slow Rail Journey is always a highlight.

707 Operations has a strong philosophy of supporting regional businesses and economies, and as such rather than stock a dining car in Melbourne we aim to source each meal en-route. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in all Slow Rail Journey fares.


Start the day with a locally sourced breakfast served on-train or at a local venue a short walk from where the train is stabled.

Iconic Country Pub and Restaurant Stops

From Sea Lake to Katunga and everywhere in-between Regional Victoria is littered with iconic country pubs and restaurants. We've found some of the best and feature them as lunch and dinner stops on many Slow Rail Journey itineraries. 

Off-Train Meal Experiences

Many Slow Rail Journeys include a signature off-train meal experience. Dine on a mountain top, next to a Silo or join the local community for a meal to remember